Request firmware update v.13 for EG18EA

Could You please send me the latest DFOTA version for this?
My current version is EG18EAPAR01A12M4G.

I’m searching for version EG18EAPAR01A13M4G
to upgrade the LTE module of Zyxel LTE5398-M904
(and the DFOTA to downgrade from v.13 to v.12 too)


Where do you got EG18EAPAR01A12M4G?
Is that EU Version?
My Router only has EG18EAPAR01A11M4G (Model LTE5398-M904)


directly from Zyxel EU support

Thank you for reply.
The Zyxel support sent you the Module Version, because you have requested it?
There is no download option on the Zyxel homepage for this version.

Yes, I requested that specific version from Zyxel EU (EMEA) support because the release notes for the latest firmware (v.04) of the router (LTE5398-M904) listed the LTE module firmware version EG18EAPAR01A12M4G.

I asked to include that version on the official download page, but they told me that it depends on the parent company and they have no influence on it.

I hope Quectel can help by sending me the DFOTA update from v.12 to v.13 (and from v.13 to v.12)

is there a benefit, that I should upgrade from 08 to 12 or from 12 to 13?
are there changelogs available?


Is there any Quectel representative who can send me an updated version of the firmware?

I’m currently on the version EG18EAPAR01A13M4G.
I would need the DFOTA to downgrade from V13 to V12 or from V13 to V8.
I also have the downgrade version from V13 to V8, but it does not work. I can not downgrade the module.


@ShortyPTG may you help me?

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@Rcatech Hello!
Is a pleasure to guide you to the right person that domain firmware things; is @herbert.pan-Q
He is here in the business days, during business hours, quite often.
Do you have the latest firmware updater tools and drivers? They are quite important for a proper, and “peace of mind” successfully update process.
If you want, I can share with you my drivers and tools, even my device being a EP06-E, drivers and tools are mostly “commonly shared” by the “E” devices…
If you need further assistance, you can contact the field engineer @lyman-Q or check out the Quectel moderators or the support team, like @Raphael-Q and many more. Alternatively and furthermore, you’re always welcome to send an email to: and address your questions and issues… I can guarantee you that you will receive a proper assistance with a polite and great communication over there.

Have a great Saturday (2-dec-2023) :slight_smile:

Here you have my tools and - Google ドライブ

I hope that all this can help you for a while. Please don’t use a different firmware on your device, it can damage it seriously - tools and drivers are common or shared, but never firmwares. :slight_smile:

@Rcatech I forgot to mention @tabor.tang-Q, that is from support team, and handled a similar case, like yours…
I apologise for the inconvenient.
Usually, all tools, drivers and firmwares are sent to the email that you used to create your account here in the forum. Sometimes is good to check your spam folders…

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Hello @tabor.tang-Q and @herbert.pan-Q,
I hope You are the right persons who can help me,
as suggested by @ShortyPTG

I’m using the EG18EA in European Union (Italy).

May You send me (in PM) the DFOTA firmware
for upgrade from v.12 to v.13 and for downgrade from v.13 to v.12?

Is there a new version of the firmware higher than v.13?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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