DFOTA Upgrade for Zyxel LTE5398-M904


I have the Zyxel LTE5398-M904 router which is currently running the LTE Module version EG18EAPAR01A08M4G.

Are there any upgrades available??

Best regards

Hi @ChrisM
Can you upgrade locally? If possible, please give me your email address and I can send you the local upgrade file.

Hello @lyman-Q
Yes, I can upgrade locally.
Many thanks

Hi @ChrisM
Please give your e-mail and i will send the latest firmware to you.

Thanks @lyman-Q
How can I give you my email address privately??

Hi @ChrisM
I send it to you,pls chk.

Thank you. Yes, I have received the file.

Many thanks for your help

Hi @lyman-Q

I am trying to upload the zip file to my router, but I get the message:

Image uploading failed. The selected file is an illegal image.

Any ideas??

Many thanks

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hi, I have a problem with my zyxel lte5398-m904, I tried to update with the netgear lrb2o firmware but it stopped, now it doesn’t recognize any sim card, can you send me the original firmware of the module? Thank you

hi, it happened to me too, my lte module disappeared, did you solve it?

Hi. No, I haven’t resolved it yet. I have got the zip file from support for the latest version, but get an error when trying to upload it.

you can send me the file to my email, so I’ll try

Thanks, but I would rather wait for support to get back to me first. I would hate to cause problems with your router.