QuecOpen® Module SDK - Restrictions & How to get

This topic is intended to answer some of your questions regarding SDK of Quectel’s QuecOpen C solution enabled modules. Please read thoroughly before you post a SDK request of a certain module. Thank you for your patience.

First off, we appreciate your recognition of our QuecOpen C solutions. Whether you got our module from our distributors or from your local store, I’m sure you all are very excited to start a journey on IoT development with Quectel’s industry-leading modules.

However, there’re many considerations when it comes to SDK management and customer support. Releasing a QuecOpen SDK has to go through several internal processes and evaluation.

If you work for a company and wish to integrate Quectel’s module into your product. Please post a Topic or start a Message with us including your region, company name, annual output etc. Avoid leaking your e-mail in the topic for your own safety. Our support team will then forward your request to our sales team and they will take it from there.

If you are a individual user. Please also start a request for us to evaluate. Although you may experience slower response time. We recommend Standard firmware (AT cmd controlled) for your application. You can get the firmware from the distributor.
On a side note, you may want to try out our QuecPython solution if the module supports it. Albeit a bit limited and still growing, it’s also a great way to get the most out of the module.

We apologize for any inconvenience.