EC800M development resources

I’m in the process of evaluating multiple small footprint 4G solutions for our company’s product. I have acquired an EC800M-CNGB board from here. But there are no resource to be found.
I checked out some posts on this forum but those offered no solution: here and here.
Our product is in prototype phase, there is no promise of large quantity order, what kind of development resources can I get (need) to started developing for this device.

Dear @bepis
Could you tell us how you would want to use the module? There’re two options for you:

  • Standard firmware: Uses AT commands to control the module. This is easier and straightforward, but require an external MCU.
  • QuecPython firmware: Uses Python script to program the module. This allows greater control over the module and enables it to work stand-alone.

Hi @Victor.W ,

I see that my options are limited. As said our product is in prototype stage, nothing is out of the table, So I’d like to test both AT mode and QuecPython.

As I see it, the firmware at EC800M python product page is the QuecPython firmware, not the basic AT firmware.

Can you send me the AT basic firmware + related AT docs?

Thank you.

P/S: What is the condition needed to acquire a full QuecOpen C-SDK?

Hi @bepis
Unfortunately I cannot just share the firmware here. You may acquire the standard AT firmware from our distributor (in this case the online store you bought from).
There’s an annual output requirement when it comes to QuecOpen CSDK, the specific amount depends on the evaluation, but it’s certainly not small.