LC29H -DA and BS module configuration and latest firmware with documentation

Hi furkany
I will send you the firmware via message.

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Thanks for the new firmware, but now I need the protocol documentation for this new software. In the release notes under new features the module has new messages/ commands, but on the download page I do not get a document including this new features. Please send updated protocol documentation!

Thanks. Could you please check your messages reply ? I asked you something on there.

@furkany: There are no download links for firmware. You have to ask in the forum for it and hope for a quectel support member to send it to you.

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Hi intimo
Please refer to the figure below.

There are some problems with the description of <3D_AccLimit> in the document. If <3D_AccLimit> is set to ā€œ0ā€, the survey-in may not be completed.
It is recommended that you set <3D_AccLimit> to ā€œ2.5ā€ or ā€œ3ā€ in an open environment for testing and verification.

Could I get the latest firmware for DA and BS, please?

I am working on a project where the LC29H base station is sending direct RTCM using WebRTC to a rover. Before publishing the sources, Iā€™d like to verify this with the latest firmware.

By the way, are there any plans to increase the horizontal resolution in GGA from 0.1m?

Hi phryniszak
Please confirm the firmware version on your device by sending: $PQTMVERNO*58.
In the link I saw that the module model is LC29HAA not LC29HDA or LC29HBS.

Hi george.gao

BS version: LC29HBSNR11A01S
DA version: LC29HDANR11A01S_RSA

And I thought about vertical resolution. It would be good to see it better than 0.1m in RTK


Hi phryniszak

  1. LC29HBSNR11A01S is the latest software version.
  2. LC29HDA has a newer version, I will send it to you via message.
  3. The RTK accuracy of LC29HDA is shown in the figure, 1cm+1ppm