LC29H -DA and BS module configuration and latest firmware with documentation

Bonjour Paulo,

You mentioned that you didn’t have GPS. Do you mean that you didn’t have a valid fix from LC29HDA? Did you test LC29HDA in open sky scenario?

I will send you EVB user guide via message and you can refer to the procedure about setting up ntrip.

Besides, please confirm the firmware version on your device by sending: $PQTMVERNO*58.

If you see "$PQTMTXT,1,01,01,03,This version is not licensed, please
contact FAE.*7C " from serial output, please contact with me again. And I will send you activation code.

Best regards.

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Hi Carlitos,

The recommendation of antenna is written in Hardware Design document. I will send it to you via message.

Best regards.

Bonjour, merci pour votre aide. J’ai essayé la commande $PQTMVERNO58 et rien c’est passé, ntrip fonctionne sur QGNSS je reçois aussi les satellites tout à l’air de fonctionner c’est juste dans mission planner que ça fonctionne pas . Vous pouvez me dire c’est quoi FAE7C? MERCI D’AVANCE