LC29H -DA and BS module configuration and latest firmware with documentation

Hello all!

I’m very excited to test those modules LC29H DA and BS in order to make a rover - base configuration.
The boards with the modules are on their way, I need RTK in order to calculate some parameters like heading and position with the least amount of error posible.

But I find confusing how exactly do it, I wonder if someone in Quectel can provide the steps with commands needed to set up a Base sending RTCM messages for correction and all needed parameters to the rover via UART.

For example:
For Base
Step 1: $PAIR432,1*22
Step 2:
Step 3…and so on.

For Rover:
Step 1:
Step 2… and so on.

Also any documentation in their latest version as well as latest firmware will be much appreciated.

Hope you can help me with such request.

If any quectel forum user has also done it, will be great if you are willing to share.

Thank you in advance.


I got the documentation from the Download zone in your website, about the firmware can be provided?



I will send you LC29H(BS) EVB User Guide doc. We make some demonstration in this document. Hope it will help your debugging. And I will send you latest firmware via message.

Best regards.

I have similar project in progress like JMX’s. Yesterday I dug little deeper with LC29H(DA) and found out NMEA gives only 0.1 meter accuracy in NMEA GGA messages. Updated firmwares for LC29H(DA) and LC29H(BS) are much welcomed for me, where precision level is more precise and selectable, like earlier has been.

Hi Anviltop,

You can send $PQTMVERNO*58 querying firmware version both on LC29HD and LC29HBS.

I will send you LC29H(BS) EVB User Guide doc via message.

Best regards.

Hello Anviitop

Also I had the chance to play with the modules, so far the RTCM corrections are being sent over TCP/IP by the BS and received using the NTRIP client on QGNSS and I got similar results but I have not tested extensively.
Seems like I cant get heading directly from the modules which is a shame.

Next step will be to do all at once without QGNSS and under Linux but that might take a while.

Rafael, is there a way to track firmware versions on the site so after a while we can know if a new version has been realeased and ask for it?


Could I also get the user guide. The firmware is: $PQTMVERNO,LC29HBSNR11A01S,2023/02/13,10:14:06*27

Any idea why even after 24 hours on in-site survey, the 3D positioning error is still >4 meters? The antenna is positioned on the roof with a full 360 degree view of the sky with no obstructions.

Thanks, Stephen

Hi Stephen,

I will send you the EVB user guide via message.

Besides, how do you judge there is a 4 meters error?

Best regards.

Tenho módulo LC29H(DA), gostaria que os senhores me enviasse o Firmwares atualizados para LC29H(DA) será bem-vindos para mim. Também gostaria que me enviasse o passo a passo para baixa, instalar e manusear o programa.

Hi Edfran,

Please query for your current firmware by sending $PQTMVERNO*58 to the module.

I will send you the latest LC29HDA firmware via message.

Best regards.

Hi! Im trying to convert RTCM from 29HBS to rinex for PPP but always obtain data that contains GPS L1 data only. But I cant figure out what the problem with output. It seems like RTCM output need to be configured or something… Please send me guide on LC29HBSN and latest firmware too. Thanks!

Hi Vlad_Popov,

LC29H(BS) is a dual-band base station module. It’s default constellation mask is GPS+GLONASS+Galileo+BDS+QZSS. Currently LC29H(BS) doesn’t support change constellation mask. Please check your antenna if it supports the parameter below:

I will send you related document via message.

Please query for your current firmware by sending $PQTMVERNO*58 to the module.

Best regards.

Hi Anibol,

I do not know anything about that specific board. We have purchased the modules and made our own PCBs.

We are using public RTKBase. From the documentation, I see you need to use the module LC29H(BS). You will probably need to fix the coordinates for the RTK base module but I cannot help there for now

Hi Luis, thanks for the info.

Hello Guys,

I received today the LC29HDA.

My firmware is $PQTMVERNO58

is this the latest one? Can I have the latest?



I would also appreciate being sent the new firmware. The LC29HDA module I have does not want to update location when the rover is moving.



Hi Stephen,

Do you mean that LC29HDA doesn’t output valid position when it’s moving?
If so, how is the performance in static senario?
Could LC29HDA get RTK fix with correction data injected?

I will send you the latest firmware via message.

Best regards.

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Hello Raphael,

where I can find this indication? In which document is the antenna Selection reported?


Bonjour, j’ai le module LC29HDA que j’ai connecté à mission Planner et à mon pixhawk, dans Mission Planner je reçois les corrections rtk via ntrip mais j’ai toujours NO GPS . Peut-être que vous m’aiderez?