GNSS Reference Design between AG15 and AG35

Hi Mr/Mrs,

My team and I are going to do a new design for CV2X and we are going to use AG15, AG35 and AF20 for this project but I am going to connect a GNSS antenna for two modules(AG15 and AG35). How can I design this part that is shown on the red square in the picture I shared?

Could you share with me reference design?

Hi atakan1,

Please find attached reference design and hardware design for AG35 and AG15.
As AG15 and AG35 are our automotive modules, in case more specific design suggestion is needed, we kindly suggest you to redirect this question to IoT Modules - Automotive Module, our colleagues there are always glad to help you :wink:

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Quectel_AG15_Hardware_Design_V1.1.pdf (1.4 MB)
Quectel_AG15_Reference Design_V1.2.pdf (630.1 KB)

Quectel_AG35_Hardware_Design_V1.3.pdf (2.5 MB)
Quectel_AG35_Series_Reference_Design_V1.1.pdf (263.1 KB)