Get file qmi_wwan_q.c

Hi @Isaac.Wang-Q , could you please send me qmi_wwan_q.c file to email?

Dear all,
i have sent the driver link in you personal chat box, this link will expire in 5 days, please download it as soon as possible, many thanks~

I am working on the Quectel 5G module. I am facing issues due to missing qmi_wwan_q.c file
Please provide me with this file
@Kaney @Niki.Liu-Q @Davide_Pianca @hmaied @ViniciusDigicon @David_Nguyen @Isaac.Wang-Q

hello, please check this in chatbox, thanks

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Thanks for your quick response

我想要一份最新的QMI驱动(适配5.10内核 Mipi架构),谢谢

Quectel qmi driver is applicable for all the system arch.

Not because the system architecture is not approved and can not be used

Hello Isaac,

I need 2 files.


I’m referring to the “UMTS LTE 5G Linux USB Driver User Guide”
UMTS/HSPA+/LTE/5G Module Series
Version 3.1

Could you send me it also?


Can you please send me qmi_wwan_q.c driver applicable for EC800G, EC200U-CN, EC200N_CN.
My email:
Thanh you so much!

Not all the Quectel modem need the qmi_wwan_q.
The modem you mentioned don’t need that.