EC25AF stops not ringing and does not call out until reboot

I have a problem very similar to a previous post (linked below), but I do not know whether there was a solution:

The problem is on the EC25AF Module. Voice calls stop working after a SIM has been registered and idle for a few hours (around 3 hours, but it could be less).

  • When the SIM registers, voice calls work well for both inbound and outbound
  • Eventually, outbound calls are handed to the network, but the destination never rings.
  • Inbound calls do not arrive at the module
  • When the module reboots, voice calls work again
  • During this problem, other SIMs on the same carrier that have been recently registered work fine on other modules
  • During this problem, SMS and Data work fine.

I have upgraded to the following version, and the problem remains:
Jun 28 2022 16:07:15
Authors: QCT

Here are previous post of a very similar problem:

after sleeping for a period of time, how long does it take to make a test call without hearing the ringtone? This version is already the latest version.