What is the latest firmware release for RM502Q-AE?

And a download link would be appreciated. Thanks!

Here you are~

Thank you very much Sir. Can you please help me with a guide to install the firmware on windows 10? Thanks!

Why am I not even able to download a simple thing like windows driver from your fuc*ing website? This is really beyond absurd to ask me to fill a form just to beg you for the file. I am so angry. I regret I bought this stupid hardware from a company that treats customers like this :rage:

Dear Sir,
Sorry for bring your inconvenience, here is the USB driver for windows.
For some specs, you can download directly from the website, no need extra steps. But for others documents, you might need to register first, after that you can download. Thanks!


Please help me Sir. I have wasted so much time trying to update the firmware. When I open the Qflash utility on windows 10 it says “Error, Detect BB chip info fail!”

I have already installed the driver and my modem is connected to the internet without any issue. Please please help me!

Sir,please send a screenshot of your module and issue. A video would be better. Thanks!

Can’t see the module clearly, can you take a picture again? and what is the current firmware, you can use ATI command to query.

By the way, please follow the QFlash Upgrade tool user guide.Thanks!

Quectel_QFlash_User_Guide_V4.2.pdf (2.2 MB)

I uploaded a clearer picture of the module. How to issue AT command on windows? I knew how to do it when it was installed in the router but in windows I never tried. Thanks!

Send at command via at port just like below picture.

I mean is there a utility for windows to send the AT command? Thanks!

I used putty to send ATI command and it returned this

Revision: RM502QAEAAR11A02M4G

Please go ahead, please notice to select DM port to upgrade.
If fail, please send your screen shot, thanks!

It will not allow me to load FW. The error in red is already there right after starting the qflash app before I do anything! Maybe I need to reset the modem to factory settings? Can you please help me with that AT command? BW, I cant send anymore posts today because I am a new user and I reached my max posts for the day! Thanks!

Dear Sir,
Which FW do you want to upgrade? From the error code, it seems the target firmware are not compatible with your module.

Dear Sir,
Finally I find the reason. Please select the first file in FW\update\firehose directory, just like below picture shown.