What is the latest firmware for RM500Q-GL?

@Isaac.Wang-Q can you send me the latest firmware and firmware update too for my modem with firmware number RM500QGLABR11A01M4G. Thank you.


can you send me the latest firmware for modem rm500q-gl with firmware number RM500QGLABR10A02M4G

The latest firmware is RM500QGLABR13A01M4G_, but it was not released officially. It is recommended that the organization request the official release。

Hi peter can u provide me new firmware for rm500Q-GL? email to nilamelsa@yahoo.com thanks

I just use this guy.


Could you please send me the lastest firmware for RM500Q-GL and the documentation to upgrade to turletti@gmail.com ?



Sorry to insist but I ddin’t get any answer. Is there a place where to download the latest firmware for RM500Q-GL and doc to flash it ? Thank you


Dear @turletti
I have sent them via Message, please check.


I wanted the latest firmware of quectel rm500q gl.

Dear @Erfanrad
I have sent it via Message, please check.

I am currently trying to configure my RM500Q-GL module, however I cant seem to find the driver on the internet. can someone send me the driver? andru.thifaldy@gmail.com

for windows to be exact


iam also need the latest FW for RM500Q
At the moment i am running on RM500QGLABR11A06M4G, but I hear, a newer one: RM500QGLABR13A02M4G exists ?

Best regards

Dear @Andru_Thifaldy
I have sent to you via Message, please check.

Dear @Jonah
I have sent the firmware via Message, please check.

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Can I release the latest firmware too?

Can I get the QFlash tool, the latest release and also RM500QGLABR11A06M4G please?
We have hundreds of these modems out in the field - is there an easy way to flash them using Linux?


Hi dear support!
Could you send to me latest SW releas for RM500Q-GL (RM500QGLABR11A04M4G)
my email:

Dear @chungcl
I have sent it to you via Message,please check.

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Dear @Glebok
I have sent it to you via message, please check.