Wakeup Sources configuration

Using the openCPU SDK and I’m trying to fulfill a system requirement, which requires me to bring the EC200U device out of lpm by sending a command on a network.
Reading through this post, I understand that there are pre-configured wake-up sources if the device is in sleep mode. How can I add something like an SMS or a data call to be able to drive the module into normal operation?
If I understand correctly, a combination of AT commands would let me do this, but there aren’t any APIs from the SDK that expose this functionality.

@Victor.W Any support here would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi @Punit_Rajwani,
Apart from those pre-configured wake-up sources, some operation will wake the module up no matter what, that includes receiving a SMS.
So if you want a SMS to wake the module up, simply register a SMS callback and upon receiving a SMS, the module will wake up and enter the callback.

Hey @Victor.W
Thanks for the response, will try by sending an SMS to bring the device out of LPM. However, would still like to understand the ways to go beyond this abstraction and control the wake-up sources of the chip. Let me know if there’s any supporting documentation of any APIs are exposed by the SDK for this.
For the version of the SDK we’re using, I’m not seeing anything similar.

Hi @Punit_Rajwani
Unfortunately wakeup sources are not configurable. If you’ve enabled a function (GPIO, SMS etc.) the module will wake up and enter the callback.
If you don’t want a certain activity wake the module up, you can disable that function before going into LPM.

Got it. Seems like a lot of LL abstraction here. Coming from an MCU use case, seems quite restrictive. Should still be able to achieve the requirement though.