Power Management for EC200U

Hello Team,

I am currently working on EC200U module.
For our software application, we would require the module to go in following modes

  1. Deep sleep mode
    Here module will be deep sleep mode.
  2. Normal sleep mode
    Here module is active but the radio frequency or data connectivity should be off.
    Please let me know how we can implement above functionality.

Regarding wake up source:

  1. What are different wake up sources and how to configure them.

I have gone through the low power mode document and demo code but apart from these is there any document or sample codes available.

hello, @Stark

EC200U automatically enters low power mode by using the api ql_autosleep_enable. When the low power mode is set, the module will automatically enters the low power mode when the task is delayed or blocked.
EC200U uses API ql_dev_get_modem_fun to configure the modem function. If you need to turn off the RF in low power mode, set the modem function to 0(Minimum functionality
). If you need to maintain a network connection in low power mode, set the modem function to 1(Full functionality).
EC200U wake up sources include gpio interrupt, uart1, RTC, Bluetooth, USB, timer and cp side wake up.

Thanks for the update.

Could you please help us with wake up functionality.

  1. How to configure wake up source? API’s related to wakeup?
  2. Does system get restart after wakeup or gets resume from where it went to sleep?


Sorry for the late reply.

  1. Please use API ql_autosleep_enable to configure automatic sleep mode and do not need to configure the wake source.
  2. the system will start working from where it wakes up

Hello Felix,
Thanks for the information.

I tried as per your guidance and following is my observation.
Sleep Mode:

  1. Device was able to go in power down mode.

Wake up:

  1. In my application i am using UART 1, so tried waking up device using UART RX
    • Using serial utility, i sent some dummy data to device, but device was not waking up.

Could let me know if any thing i am missing.

hiii stark…

have you complete deep sleep mode and normal sleep mode in ec200u…
i also trying implement sleep mode.

In power down mode, device goes to completely in power down and can be wake up only by power on reset.
In sleep mode, you can wake up device by any wake up source mentioned by felix.
To put device in sleep modeuse “ql_autosleep_enable(QL_ALLOW_SLEEP)” and remove USB cable.