VoLTE in BG77 and MBN files


We are using a BG77 modem in Spain. We are using standard Orange/Vodafone/Movistar SIM cards. We can connect to the different providers networks without problems, and send/receive data via TCP or UDP.

We want to make voice calls via VoLTE (or any other protocol). But I think I need some configuration files for the modem, which are called MBN files, is this correct? If so, where can I find such files and what is the procedure to configure the modem? We are located in Spain.

Any help is wellcome! Thank you in advance.



Hi , BG77 support volte feature, but up to now , the FW version of the volte feature has not been certified by vdafone /orange/moivstar . If you need debugging, you can apply for a beta version through your sales or local FAE and debug it under the networks of the three operators, but there is a workload in it .