Use of l89 GNSS engine for IRNSS

Dear Sir,
1, Maybe I didn’t make it clear. In one word, you could catch NMEA logs by the shell command “cat serial-port”, the minicom tool and demo.c.
2,No, some messages cannot be disabled, e.g. $PSTMANTENNASTATUS . But you could enable IRNSS only. Please refer to $PSTMCFGCONST in protocol document.


because of host side configuration logs are shifting. now board is working fine ,
thanks for help

now i am doing FOTA for L89 . we connected L89 module with microprocessor via UART.

  1. As you shared L89NR01A06_UPG26.bin and L89NR01A06_BOOT26.bin which one is firmware binary ?

  2. i reffered firmware upgrade document . gone through L89 upgrade sample code.txt from these code can u share “ql_oe.h” header file.

  3. need to use STA808x-9x Firmware Upgrade.exe tool from windows PC ?

  4. Do i need quectel sdk i.e (

  5. i am little bit confused for FOTA for L89 , can u please explain procesure ?

Dear Sir,
1, L89 has two modes to update firmware, one is boot mode(using BOOT26.bin), another one is upgrade mode((using UPG26.bin)). And we provide the latter one, upgrade mode. Upgrade mode also includes two modes, normal upgrade mode and recovery upgrade mode. The latter one is used when L89 power off or UART abort during normal upgrade.

2, I don’t have the header file “ql_oe.h” either and I think it won’t make much sense because you need to implement the APIs adapting to your own host module.

3, If you want to update firmware on Linux, it doesn’t need.

4, No except you use Quectel EC25 to update.

5, I added a more recent “Quectel_L89&L26-DR&L26-T&L26-P_Firmware_Upgrade_Application_Note_V1.0_Preliminary” and “L89 data flow in recovery upgrade mode” in above link. Hope that can help you.

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Dear Sir,
Ql_UART_Read() is just used to show the upgrade procedure. You need to replace it with similar APIs in your host module. Generally, each platform has its APIs in driver layer, such as uart_read(), uart_write(), uart_open().

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ok thanks for responce


  1. can i get STA808x/9x Firmware Upgrade Tool to flash firmware ?

  2. On linux platform , i changed file name UPG26.bin to UPG299.bin to check upgrade happen or not but same responce came when we run $PSTMGETPAR,1500 command.
    how to get to know upgrade happen or not ?

Dear Sir,
1, I added the upgrade tool in previous link.
2, I provided two different firmware version for your test, L89NR01A05 and L89NR01A06. Please find it. Besides, the receiver outputs its firmware version when power on.

Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.
Best Regards

hi Berton.Peng
thanks a lot

I am doing FOTA through Linux, i modified code.
Everything is working fine. every function is working fine

but when we are writing data (binary image data) on uart port . that time i am getting error.
only problem in “Ql_Send_Data” function .
i am attaching code and screenshot.

Dear Sir,
I cannot get enough info from the attached screenshot. Could you provide more info? Also, you could contact our local FAE and me by e-mail.

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Hi sir ,
We design a fresh board with L89 IC . after connecting to PC i am proper logs on ttyS1 .
but not able to send command using “echo” via another terminal.
eg . echo "$"PSTMSRR > /dev/ttyS1

  1) For fresh board any initialisation commands need to send for first time ?
  2) any external configuration need to do for first time ?

Dear Nikhilvp29,
L89 doesn’t need any initialization commands to work for the first time. Just power it on, put the antenna or the module outside, then it can output location and time.
As per the screenshot you provided, the GNSS antenna is open-circuit. Please make sure the external active antenna or patch antenna on the board can work well.
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we are getting NMEA logs for gps , glonass , but for irnss i am not getting proper logs ,
Is there any configuration need to do for irnss .

For GIGSV , not getting proper data.

Dear Sir,
The GIGSV in the screenshot is normal. It means there is 1 IRNSS satellite with PRN 06 and C/No 24. Please put the module in the clear sky for a long time, there’ll be more IRNSS satellites in view.

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Hi team ,
We integrated gpsd in our sdk . we are getting NMEA logs in gpsmon and gpspipe also.
Is it possible to send PSTM commands using gpsd. ?

earlier we are sending PSTM command using echo .
eg .  echo "$"PSTMSRR > /dev/ttyS1

but we dont want these . so is it possible to send via gpsmon or any other command ?

Hi team ,
I have another dout.
we connected L89 GNSS module via UART. we are getting NMEA logs on ttyS1 port.
Is there only one port (ttyS1) creating for L89 module . or other port also create to see output of PSTM command ?

Because we are using gpsd , when gpsd is running it is blocking ttyS1 port . and thats why we are not getting NMEA logs on minicom (ttyS1 port) . so i need to kill gpsd to see NMEA logs on minicom.

Dear Sir,
How to send command by gpsd, please refer to user manual of the gpsd.
There is only one port for L89 module, and cannot be accessed simultaneously by many tools.

Best Regards

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Hi ,
Means, u that when we need to check the NMEA logs on minicom (ttyS1 port) , that time gpsd service need to close because gpsd also using same port (ttyS1).

Hi .
We are not getting NMEA co-ordinates for L89 module. For testing purpose we went to field area then also not able to get latitude and longitude. we waited there nearly one hour then also not getting NMEA logs .

What will be the issue ? we totally stuck on these issue.