Update BG96 modem firmware fails


We purchased a P-L496G-CELL02 eval board from ST with a BG96 modem attached.

This modem has the firmware version BG96MAR02A06M1G loaded. But to use the newest CELL extension library from STM, it’s mandatory to update to firmware BG96MAR02A08M1G.
The modem firmware BG96MAR02A08M1G is provided in a ZIP folder of the CELL library from STM with a short description how to update using the Quectel QFlash tool.
The BG96 FW folder in the ZIP (with several .mbn files in it) named “update”.

The QFlash tool provided by Quectel in the BG96 packaged was V4.19 and did not work (error message at+qmbncfg=“list” FAIL).
We found in your techincal forum multiple posts with the same problem an the hint of newer QFlash versions (5.6, 5.7).
We found version 6.0 in the download section, downloaded it and started the tool with administrator rights, as described for Win10.
Than we set the right COM port (USB DM Port) as described in the Quectel documentation. Than we set the baudrate to 460800 as described by quectel for the BG96.
Then we load the firmware file (NPRG9x06.mbn) from the unbziped update directory as described in the STM documentation PDF.
But if we hit [Start] the tool displays “waiting…”, counts up to 6s and then still shows the error message at+qmbncfg=“list” FAIL.

After reading some documentation and some forum posts, we found hints, that there shoud be (probably) a folder named “mbn” in the firmware update location(?).
So we tryed to rename the provided “update” folder into “mbn” and started the FW update process in QFlash again.
This time, QFlash displays “Send MBN File” and counts from 0%…100%. This needs about 80s. After that, “DownLoad MBN(acdb.mbn) PASS” is shown and shortly after this error message: “at+qmbncfg=“add”,“acdb.mbn” FAIL

How can we manage to update the modem firmware?


Hey, how did you solve this?