After using Qflash successfully to upgrade BG96 modules to BG96MAR02A07M1G, I now find that attempting to reflash in Qflash gives the AT+QMBNCFG=“LIST” FAIL error

Strangely, after this subsequent attempt, I found that the same AT command stops working (only returns OK) in qnavigator as well.

2 of my 5 modules do not connect to the network, I noticed that at least one of them doesn’t have the required .mbn files loaded (until qflash prevented me from rechecking).

I want to use qflash to upload the new mbn files and update the firmware in the future.

How do I solve this error?

I am also experiencing this same issue. I have opened a different forum question to help increase traction on this topic, and since I am using a different firmware version.

it seem that the upgrading procedure of your module failed ,

pls upgrade your module again, and upgrade to the newest fw version


I think there is a typo in the link, possibly it should read: https://cnquectel-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/america-fae_quectel_com/Epp89DdhRLVPiaLR3gT4gjQBw1bnTh3sSoeY5gWrBDDEVQ?e=00R1z8

This link takes me to the Qflash tool download. Can you please also point us to the newest modem fw for BG96? Thank you.

I suspect the issue is with the mbn function.

In Quectel_QFlash_User_Guide_V4.1 section 2.4 MBN Fucntion — I’m not clear on the “NOTE”. Am I supposed to create a directory called mbn and put all the .mbn files in it? Can you please clarify this part?

Via the AT serial port, when I run AT+QMBNCFG=“List”, it is currently empty. I’m suspecting this is FAILING because it is empty.

Using Qflash5.7 in the link provided I no longer get the previous error. Everything upgrades and connects no problem.

I highly recommend that this replaces the Qflash tool given here Quectel BG96 LPWA

and a page be added to download firmware/docs for each version.

It would save a lot of hassle for developers in the future!

I also had a at+qmbncfg=“list” FAIL error updating the BG96 firmware. Even with Version 6.0 of QFlash.
After renaming the folder name in the FW update package from “update” to “mbn”, QFlash starts updating the modem but has error at+qmbncfg=“add”,“acdb.mbn” FAIL after reaching 100%.
See also my post here.