Hello, we are attempting to wire up our product to the UMTS&LTE-EVB-KIT. I have reviewed all the user guide documentation and have a few questions.

  1. We would like to wire our pwr_key control signal from our product, not use the switch (S302) on the EVB. I found the testpoint header J803 has a PWKEY_3V, but it has no signal and appears like a NC in regards to the actual pwr_key. Is there somewhere on the EVB we can tie into this?
  2. We would also like to wire the TTL uart from our product directly to the dev kit instead of via the 3V/RS232 translators. Can we simply hook directly to the J806 RX/TX 1.8v lines without deactivating the 3V and RS232 level shifters somehow to avoid contention on those lines?
  3. Are schematics available for the EVB to assist?

thank you!

UMTS&LTE-EVB_SCH_V2.2.pdf (303.3 KB)

hi,SCH is attached, the above question is easy to find the answer