Soft Reset Issue on BC660K module

Hi herbert,

I’m working on the Quecopen SDK of BC660K-GL Module for IoT device development.
The device contained MCU and a BC660K-GL module, MCU communicates with Module through AUX UART
Currently, we are facing a soft reset Issues at transmission time on Module side
I observed that soft reset issues occur when the sent data size is 110 bytes.
In deep observation , we find that its gets soft reset while its free pointer that previously
allocated memory.
I have attached captured EPAT logs for sent data sizes of 109 and 110 bytes.
Kindly provide your support for it.
Let me know if you have any questions. (2.3 MB)

Can you tell me the time stamp of reset in this Log?

AT+QCFG=“faultaction”,3 //complete Dump logs into the EPAT and Flash. And take effect after reboot or reset.

You need to provide dump logs and execute the AT command above first

Hi Herbert
thanks for responding
As per your suggestion, we are testing it. time stamp for approx. 11:30 IST.
The recapture EPAT log is attached, and the application process main UART logs are also attached.
AppLog.txt (2.4 KB) (2.0 MB)

Kindly provide your feedback on it.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Dear @herbert.pan-Q
Is there any update on the provided soft reset issue’s EPAT logs?
let me know if you need any other details.