SC20-EL Linux Flash and Boot


I am working on SC20-EL Processor , which is been connected on SC20 Smart EVB Board.
I have successfully complete the building of yocto linux.
Now, I need a procedure to flash the yocto linux images to the SC20-EL processor using SC20 Smart EVB Board.

If you have EVB development board and SC20-el module, and you have completed the build of yocto linux.
Then you can use the QFIL or fastboot command to flash the image (generated by yocto Linux) to verify.

How, I can use QFIL, QFIL is asking XML File to load but, yocto linux do not generate any .xml flash file.

I provide compiled documentation for you

how can I access the below ftp link to download SC20_Linux_Unpacking_tool.tar.gz

Hi, can I get username and password to access the below ftp link

HI, saurabh123:
If you don’t have FTP account, we can help apply for you.
But you need to create a ticket in our EService system.

Yes, I would like to take a help to apply for FTP account,
But, how can I create ticket in your EService system

Does your company have EService account?

No, my company is not having Eservice account