RM520N-GL latest firmware & QFirehose

Hi All,
Please send me links to the latest FW / update available and latest version of QFirehose. (IceClubber@wp.pl)

Is there any documentation on how to properly connect the antennas?


Dear @IceG
I have sent the firmware and tool to you via Message, please check.
For the antanna, you can refer to the hardware document, I also sent to you.

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Hello Silvia,
why individually send things to individual people. Does it not make more sense publish a link to download center… So everybody can access docs, tools, etc. by following a link…

By the way I just opened request for a download of a resource package for RM520N series modem:
Can you help here?
Thx in advance

Hi. Could you please send me link to latest firmware and version of Qfirehose please.