RM520N resource package (USB Driver Guide, Linux Driver Guide, AT Command, ...)

Hello is there a official resource package available for RM520N cellular modem series containing:

  • Product Overview with PID, VID
  • USD Driver Guide
  • Linux Driver Guide
  • AT Command Guide
  • TCP Application Notes
  • Tools like QCOnnectManager, …

I was able to download such a resource package for EG25 modem but did not find anything for RM520N series…
Thx in advance

Dear @mweitner
You can search in Quectel website for some information.
Due to some documents didn’t official released, so you didn’t see it.
What did you mean of USD driver guide? Is there a typo?

Hi silvia,
yes it is typo I meant USB Driver Guide …

Can you provide the not officially released documents…
Furthermore, I will try to find with your given VID/PID,… where is the best page to lookup it ?
Kind regards