RM520N-GL latest firmware and drivers for Windows and Linux

Could you please share the latest firmware and qflash? (RM520N-GL)



@silvia What is the major difference between the R01A08 firmware and the R03A03 firmware for US constomers and which one should I be using for RM520N-GL?

Dear @hoffmann
Sorry for the late.
Please share your current firmware.
RM520N-GL doesn’t support sidelink communication.

Dear @Fantazma
Please contact with your provider firstly next time, they have access to get the latest firmware.
Thanks for your understanding.

Dear @swwright
Please share your current firmware.
For Qflash, you can download the latest one from website.

Dear @gainestr
There are different baseline.
R03 is main baseline, it is recommended to use R03.

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Hi, what different is GL or EU versions?

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I have RM520NGLAA-M20-SGASA modules and want to use them in Europe. Which Firmware is the right one for me?

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Where can I get an updated MBN list that I can update for the modem?
The modem is model RM520NGLAA-M20-SGASA.
Firmware is RM520NGLAAR03A03M4G.
I use the modem in the EU region and mainly in Finland.

Dear @Talvensa
Please refer to the spec of these two modules:

Dear @calk1calk
Please share your current firmware.

Dear @Talvensa
Please query your current firmware via AT+QGMR.
Why do you want to updated MBN list? Actually, we don’t have it.

The CA combination starts working slowly or randomly.
Would the CA combinations of the RM520-EU model work better in Europe?

Dear @Talvensa
Actually, it is hard to say which one is better.

Hello, I have RM520NGLAAR01A08M4G_01.200.01.200, please send the latest firmware.