RM502Q-AE and at+qeth="eth_at"


How do you access AT command over ethernet interface after AT over ethernet is enabled on the RM502Q-AE module ??


+QETH: “eth_at”,“enable”


Dear khong,
Here is a sample for RGMII AT test, include the code and the executable file(Linux X64), if you use other platform you need to recompile
RGMII_AT_Client.zip (5.8 KB)

You need send command AT+QETH="rgmii","enable",0 to enable the RGMII before you send at+qeth=“eth_at”. After that you must reboot your device. You can use ping to test the conection, if you can reach this ip address it proves that the connection is fine.
You can test AT command with this sample, just like ./RGMII_AT_Client + AT command
Hope it helps you,thanks

Thank you for the information

do you have Windows client available for this ?

we tried to use some terminal SW and connect to IP / TCP port 1555, we see message RGMII_ATC_READY, but we can not issue AT command. does this work with standard terminal software ?? if this work, then we do not need special RGMII AT client SW.


Dear khong,
Of course you can use any terminal SW to send AT command, but sending AT commands over the ethernet must follow a set of protocols, I sent you the details of the protocols via message, please check it.


thank you very much for all the information

I need agreement documentation Thanks

Can you please send me the AT protocol over RGMII information as well? Your example program even under Linux x64 does not appear to work (nothing is received back when AT commands are sent). I have sent you a message as well. Thank you.