RM500Q Linux How to force modem to find usb0 instead of wwan0

Hello and Happy New Year!

I previously started discussion here about using linux and my system started working with ECM mode. I faced a problem that I can´t make ssh connection to my raspberry pi due to modem and pi having having different IP addresses. I can obtain same address with same Modem and Windows PC so I continued investigating different usbnet options with at+qcfg=“usbnet”,0-2 options. By change I once got different output when I ran QConnectManager and usbnet was QMI mode. Instead of finding usbnet adapter wwan0 it found usb0 and netcard driver was GobiNet V1.6.2.9 (instead of usual qmi_wwan V5.10.60-v70l+). This way usb0 started working properly and it had same IP address as my sim card. I was able to take remote connection without problem. But this only happened once and I can´t repeat it as the system always autofinds wwan0.

My question is, how can I force the modem to always find usb0 instead of wwan0? Can modify drivers or something else? Here is a picture I took of the working situation.

Modifying the system is more complicated, you can delete the driver you don’t use. Or you can run modprobe -r qmi_wwan, modprobe GobiNet, and then use usb0 network card.

Hi Isaac, deleting the qmi_wwan driver solved the issue, thanks for the help!