RM500Q-GL - CFUN? output 5 since update

we can’t change the status of CFUN since we updated the firmware to “RM500QGLABR10A03M4G”

AT+QRFTESTMODE=0 as suggested here What does +CFUN: 5 mean? is not working either

we are using the RMU500-EK EVB-Kit with a RM500Q-GL module

could someone help us?

Dear Sir,
Your sample is too old, please contact your sales or distributor to get new modules. Thanks!

thank you peter for your swift answer. i am not exactly sure what you mean with “sample is too old”? do you mean the RM500Q-GL module or the dev kit?
we also have a PCIECARDEVB-KIT (https://www.tekmodul.de/produkt/quectel-rm500q-5g-evaluation-kit/) with a different RM500Q-GL module here, that is still running the firmware “RM500QGLABR10A02M4G”


Dear Christian,
I mean module, please use our MP module to test instead.
By the way, the latest firmware version is R11 series. Thanks!