Regarding latest firmware update for BC660

Hello, you need the latest firmware for that module.

yes pls send me! I used BC660KGLAAR01A04, Is it the latest?

The latest firmware has been sent via email, please check it out.

Hi, I used module BC660k-GL to connect NB, Currently I can only use NBcat1. How can I use NBcat2?

hi ,
You can change catgory to 2

Your local radio network also needs to support NB2

I have
Version: BC660KGLAAR01A05_01.001.01.001

Can I ask you to send me the latest firmware version?
My email:


@AnnaLiu I have following version
Could you please provide FW version one before the latest one (Version: BC660KGLAAR01A05_01.001.01.001)
my email:
Thanks in advance!

I have sent it to you

I have sent it to you

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A colleague has sent it to you.

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Hi @AnnaLiu, could you please send me the last firmware version for BC660K? I need to enable SSL SNI, is it included in the latest firmware?

The latest firmware version of BC660K still does not support SNI

Could you send me QFlash tool and latest firmware?

[2024-02-19 14:01:08:826_R:] OK
[2024-02-19 14:01:08:846_S:] ATI
[2024-02-19 14:01:08:915_R:] ATI
[2024-02-19 14:01:08:915_R:] Quectel_Ltd
[2024-02-19 14:01:08:915_R:] Quectel_BC660K-GL
[2024-02-19 14:01:08:915_R:] Revision: BC660KGLAAR01A04

I have sent them to you

Thank you. I get it.