Quectel MC60 Delay

I want to know is there any way to make micro second delays?
I mean Ql_Sleep() in SDK accepts time to wait in milliseconds but i want to wait micro seconds. how can i do that?
Or is there any way that i can get tick count of microcontroller?

Hello, sir, I’m sorry, I’m late, I checked our SDK, I think this kind of operation is not supported yet, you can try other methods to solve it,timer?
Thanks & Best Regards.

there is not function for us delay in SDK, but you can create hard delay by “for”.
this is not good solution because, your CPU hangs until exit condition is applied. On the other hand, when you used Ql_Sleep, your current task is stopped and CPU can execute other Task until time will pass. but if you have to create us delay, you can create that with hard delay.
int k =1;
for(int i=0; i <100000; i++) // you can set how much time you need to waste
k=k * i; // Work to waste time

Hello Sir,
I have an MC60E EVB kit and I’m looking for an OpenCPU example to communicate with AWS.

I already gone through a topic which is raised by a person on this forum the link is

He is using an external MCU to communicate with MC60E chip. I also did this same procedure by qcom software and i successfully able to send and recive messages from AWS.

Now I am looking for a code in OpenCPU SDK to communicate with AWS.

If there any code available to communicate with AWS using MC60E OpenCPU SDK, please do share it with me.

Thank you.

I have same problem. I need us resolution for reading a sensor data. Is there any way to do this with mc60 open-cpu? Timer doesn’t help because its minimum resolution is 1ms!