Quectel eSIM/eUICC supported hardware

Could you check if there are any plans to add BIP support for EC25-EC via a firmware update?

Dear Sir,
Till now have no plan to support BIP for EC25EC module. If you must use such function, please use EC25E module. Thanks!

So actually we are back to not a complete list of devices which support eSIM.
As you stated then all EC25 modules should support eSIM. Now I tested EC25-EC and it did not.
Seems like Quectel itself does not know what their products are capable of.

Currently I can’t have confidence in the list provided with eSIM supported hardware. Could you double and triple check devices which support eSIM?

What about Quectel EC25-EU, I’m going to next test this version. Can you confirm if it support BIP? From what FW version on does it support BIP?

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Dear Sir,
Please note the following main difference between EC25E module and EC25EC, EC25EU. Compare with EC25E module, EC25EC is the cost down version, which just can support some functions.
Normally, EC25EC also should support BIP function, but owing to some reasons, this function still can not support now. If you must use this function in such variant, please feedback your requirement to our local FAE, they will help to push R&D to add such function.Thanks!
About EC25EU, please use the latest FW(EC25EUGAR06A04M4G) to test BIP function. Thanks!

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While still continuing the testing for EC25 modules and waiting for some results to conclude it, I started off with a new module.

Quectel M66:
Revision: M66FAR01A03

Sadly again things don’t go as smooth as it could. Let’s look into this module and eUICC support.

Commands like AT+QCFG=“bip/auth”,1 or AT+QCFG="autobip",1,1,5 are not accepted:

When SMS-PP is received from RSP platform the module outputs the following AT-command:

Is the module waiting for user input as autobip was not configured?

How to configure the module to autonomously handle BIP?

Please contact our local FAE to get support or send email to [support@quectel.com].Our local FAE will help you debug it. Thanks!

Dear Kyson,

I’m using EC20 mini PCIE module and I wonder do it support eSIM ?

Yes, it can support. Thanks!

Does EC200 module support e-SIM?

Hi sir,
EC200 support e-SIM.

Hello Brown,
Thank you for reply. We tested it, doesn’t work. Perhaps need to give some commands to activate the e-sim protocol. Please advise

Hello KvX, thanks for your question
EC200T&EC200S modules do not support e-SIM function, thank you.

You can connect an e-SIM externally

If connect external e-sim to these module. Modules will support e-sim technology?

Hello KvX
Yes, modules will support e-sim function,thank you.

We tested it with external e-sim, doesn’t work. Perhaps need to give some commands to activate the e-sim protocol. Please advise

Using this function requires LPA (Local Profile Agent) debugging, which requires operators to participate in joint debugging.

LPA is only used for consumer eSIM. The M2M specification of the eSIM does not use the LPA and remote SIM provisioning is triggered from the SM-SR/DP.
For the M2M SIM to work the device needs to support BIP.

@KvX 1oT.com would be very happy to help you in the testing with 1oT M2M eSIM module. We have already tested through some devices, you can see the list here: https://1ot.com/connectivity/esim/tech-overview#esim-supported


Can you please comment on if the BG600L-M3 supports BIP for eSIM? This is the module we are looking forward to use in future projects in our company.