Quectel eSIM/eUICC supported hardware

I’m looking forward to get more information about Quectel devices which support eSIM/eUICC and remote SIM Provisioning. Usually for this Bearer Independent Protocol(BIP) and SIM ToolKit are needed.

Could someone provide a full list of all Quectel modules which support eSIM?


Dear Sir,
You can get information about whether the specific modules are supported or not at the following link.


Thank you for getting back.

Firstly, the link you provided does not help, because eUICC support is not mentioned in any document usually.
I had a look into couple of different modules from your link, did not find anything related to eSIM/eUICC.

Secondly, having a look at an earlier topic here: Esim for Linux POS
You can see that such a list has been shared earlier and I’m sure it exists.

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Dear Sir,
Please check the following picture which introduce quectel modules that support eSIM. Hopefully it is useful to you. Thanks!


Thank you for providing this. The problem I still have is that information about Quectel eSIM support is different everywhere.
For example Avnet has done tests(not only theoretical) with Quectel modules and eSIM. And they claim that UG96, EC25, EC21(not mentioned in the above list), EG95(not mentioned in the above list) and BG96 support eSIM.

They have also brought out the AT commands configuration needed.

Furthermore, even your official M2M wireless module catalogue from 2019 lists EM12(not mentioned in the above list) in addition.

As you can understand based on all this I can’t relay on the information you provided. Could we have a direct conversation about this issue?


Dear Sir,
The information that i provided to you is correct, no any problem. The information may need to update. If EC25 can support eSIM, EC21 and EG95 all can support it, they all use qualcomm 9X07 platform, so i do not think these information have any problem.On the contrary, I think they complement each other and make it more complete. Thanks!


I have no doubts about the information you provided. The problem is that if I ask about modules which support eSIM and get as a replay only half of the actually supported modules then the list provided by Quectel is incomplete.

Also if you mention that all are based on Qualcomm 9X07 platform this means that the hardware might support it, but this does not guarantee that the Firmware itself has built support for it.

Currently I still do not have an overview of all Quectel devices which support eSIM

Could I ask you to look into this issue and report back a complete list of Quectel eSIM supported hardware. Thank you!


Please check the following list. Thanks!
LTE: EC21/EC25/EG91-E/EG95-E
NBIOT: BC95-G/BC68/BG96/BC66
LTE-A: EM06/EM12/EM05
3G: UC15/UC20/UG95/UG96
2G: M66/M95/MC60

Dear Kyson,

Whether Quectel have any manual of testing eSIM feature? I’m interested in particularly the modules UG9x and EC2x. Could you share it with us?

Thank you.

Dear Sir,
Sorry, i cannot share such information with you, if you really need it, please contact our local FAE or sales manager to get it. Thanks!

Kyson thank you for the complete list.

I have a question, if you marked EC25 does this mean that all variants of EC25 support eSIM? EC25-E, EC25-EU etc?

I have Quectel EC25-E development kit on hand and have tested it with eSIM without success.
I used the following at command setup:

  •  AT+QCFG=“bip/auth”,1
  •  Restart modem

The AT-command gave an ERROR message and was not recognised by the modem.

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I have a question, if you marked EC25 does this mean that all variants of EC25 support eSIM? EC25-E, EC25-EU etc?
—》yes, correct.

Please make sure the module FW is the latest, and please contact our local FAE to get support to guide you how to test eSIM. Thanks !

By the way,you should make sure the operator can support you test it. Thanks!


Thank you for the information.
Indeed I now got it to work. Seems like the issue was that I was coping the command to Qnavigator and it had some formatting on it. If I typed it in manually, it worked finally.

BUT there I discovered a new issue.
As soon as the request from RSP platform arrives at the SIM it should start the provisioning process.
But the EC25-E does not do it instantly. Below a example of download new profile:

As you can see the SMS-PP with instruction to open BIP channel is received, but the cellular module responds with “ME(Mobile Equipment) currently unable to process command”

This retrying will happen for some time until it finally succeeds at random time and the BIP channel is opened:

Once that is done then the profile download happens as usual.

The same behaviour happens while profile download, profile swap and profile delete.

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Dear Sir,
Please contact our local FAE to get support or send email to support@quectel.com. For this issue, we need to catch module’s debug log to analyze the root reason. Thanks!

Hi @Kyson,

Can you confirm if FW version EC25ECGAR06A04M1G supports the AT+QCFG="bip/auth",1 command?
It gives back an ERROR if I try.

It works on EC25EFAR06A03M4G.

Dear Sir,
EC25ECGAR06A04M1G cannot support this command. Thanks!


Could you elaborate? How to read the FW versions?
Is EC25ECGAR06A04M1G older than EC25EFAR06A03M4G?
From which version from is BIP(AT+QCFG=“bip/auth”,1) supported?

Dear Sir,
Please note that EC25ECGAR06A04M1G and EC25EFAR06A03M4G are different Variants, so the functions supported also different.
EC25ECGAR06A04M1G corresponding EC25EC, For EC25EC, i have test R06A05 still cannot support such command.
EC25EFAR06A03M4G corresponding EC25E.
By the way, you can sue ATI to check the FW version. Thanks!


Thank you for commenting. It was a product where I did not have full AT command interface and ATI did not work, that’s why the confusion.
So did I understand correctly that EC25-EC there currently is no BIP support at all? No FW of EC25-EC support BIP?

Dear Sir,
Understand that you can not send AT command to module, but you can click the following link to input module’s IMEI number which you can see it to check the module default firmware version. If you have change it, this method cannot take effect.

So did I understand correctly that EC25-EC there currently is no BIP support at all? No FW of EC25-EC support BIP?
[A]Yes, correct.