Quectel EM05-G eSIM activation problem

I cannot activate eSIM on Quectel em05-G windows 11. The Manage eSIM profile icon does not appear in Windows cellular. How can I perform this activation via Windows or AT Commands.

notebook model : Thinkpad T14 Gen 3 Intel
OS : windows 11 pro 22h2
Module Model : Quectel EM05-G M.2
Module Firmware ; EM05GFAR07A07M1G

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Use AT+QSIMCFG=“disable_physim”,0,0 to start the esim card, thank you


Hi FelixCheng-Q,

Firstly of all thank you for your reply and solution. Is it possible to access the device with putty on windows? if we can use putty, can you share the connection port and speed?

for example serial line USB2 speed 115200
I was able to access the device[EM05G] through fedora. [busybox microcom /dev/ttyUSB0] After accessing, I ran the code you shared. AT+QSIMCFG=“disable_physim”,0,0.
now windows 11 sees SIM1 and SIM2. I choose SIM2. But esim activation menu does not open.

I have SMDP+ address and activation code for eSIM activation. How can I activate ESIM using run commands, can you share it?

Windows 11 on command prompt output ;
netsh mbn show slotstatus interface=Cellular

2 slots found on interface Cellular:

Slot index 0 has state: SIM slot is powered on but empty
Slot index 1 has state: SIM slot is powered on but empty

Can you confirm that this module supports eSIM?

Lenovo support answered my question today. Unfortunately, the eSIM feature can only be used with a PHYSICAL CARD on the WWAN modules used for this model. Therefore, the eSIM feature does not work on this module without a physical card. If you go to the relevant web page below, you will see that it is indicated that it works with a [Gemalto eSIM card (physical)] in the SIM card tab under the connection tab of the relevant device.

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