Quectel EC25 OpenLinux SDK

Hello, I’m a studenti in electronic engineering and I’m working on a project that will have a quectel EC25 as a core to retrive sensor data trought uart and publish them on a server for enviromental monitoring. I’ve read about the OpenLinux SDK and I really would like to use it to write a software for the EC25. Waht should I do in order to have access to the SDK ? This project is really important for me and I really hope to have a little help from quectel. Thanks a lot to everyone will join

You can refer to how uart was developed to write code.Quectel_EC2x&EG9x&EG25-G_Series_QuecOpen_UART_Forwarding_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (450.8 KB)

Hello Felix, Thank You for the manual but it is not what I need. I asked about the EC25 SDK to write a native linux application that will be executed inside the ec25 itself. Can you tell me what I need to do in order to have access to the ec25 sdk ?

Hi Joker
I think this document will help you, thank you Quectel_EC2X&AG35_QuecOpen_Quick_Start_V1.4_Preliminary.pdf (1.2 MB)

Hi Felix, thank you co much for your help. I’ve read the document, did you know where I can download the SDK ?

What is the specific model of your module? There are many versions of EC25 modules

Part Number is: EC25EUGA-512-SGNS, I’ve got it from digikey


today I found the proper devkit in my possession it is based on the EC25-E. I will use this one to take advantages of the proper devkit. My specific module will be EC25-E, not the EC25EUGA-512-SGNS that I mentioned in the previous post.

Thank You so much

Hi Felix,

did you had the possibility to check my request ? Can you send me the sdk I need ?

The last email may not be sent successfully, I will send another email .
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Thank you so much felix, do i need to flash a specific firmware on the module before using the sdk ? If there is can you send me ?