Quectel-cm latest version

What is the latest version number of quectel-cm?


I will send it to you via email, please check it.

I want to use wwan0 for my yocto image. How can i add Quectel-cm for that?

Do you have a new quectel-cm for linux?

Which modem do you use?
And what’s the version of the quectel-CM you got?

For 5G platforms, version greater than is enough.

Did you solve it?

You have to create your own bb file for it.

We are using Quectel-RM502Q modem and current version is V1.6.0.16. The problem is this version needs linux command “ifconfig” but our platform is moving to Ubuntu 20.04 and ifconfig command is deprecated. Can you replace the “ifconfig” command in the program with “ip link set”?


Please show the logs.

Do you mean that we should modify the source code of quectel-CM?

I don’t remeber that quectel-CM would use ifconfig to set Ip address.
If need, it should use “ip addr add”

[09-27_07:02:41:102] requestGetProfile[1] fast.t-mobile.com///0
[09-27_07:02:41:134] requestRegistrationState2 MCC: 310, MNC: 260, PS: Attached, DataCap: 5G_NSA
[09-27_07:02:41:166] requestQueryDataCall IPv6ConnectionStatus: DISCONNECTED
[09-27_07:02:41:166] ifconfig eth2
[09-27_07:02:41:174] ifconfig eth2 down
[09-27_07:02:41:198] requestSetupDataCall WdsConnectionIPv6Handle: 0xb47f5bb0
[09-27_07:02:41:294] ifconfig eth2 up

This is the log I got just now.

iproute2 vs net-tools (linoxide.com)

I don’t think there would be any problem switching the net-tools to iproute2. we can try it by ourseleves.

I want to use wwan0 for my yocto image. I have EC25-EUX. I use yocto 4.0 and kernel 5.15. Please send quectel-CM for suitable version.