Quectel-cm latest version

Hi Bean, could you please also send me the latest version of quectel-cm?
Trying to follow the official guide “Quectel_LTE&5G_Linux_USB_Driver_User_Guide_V2.0.pdf” to bring up the modem, currently using 1.6.1 but seems not working.
Thank you in advance.

Thanks a lot Wang I got it. Much appreciated

Which Quectel modem are you using now?
I will send it.

Hello, I’m using EC25-E with a Raspberry Pi, can I get the latest version of Quectel-CM?
Thank you, best regards

Please check the message. I will send it.

I am using RM530N-GL. Can you send me the Quectel-CM latest for linux too?

I will send it please check the message.

can i have it as well? thanks

I use Quectel-CM v1.6.5.1
With module EC200N_CN
When i run quectel-CM command, I see Error " ERROR: IP from udhcpc ( is different to IP from ATC ("

That is log:
~ # quectel-CM
[01-01_00:02:25:491] QConnectManager_Linux_V1.6.5.1
[01-01_00:02:25:500] Find /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-2 idVendor=0x2c7c idProduct=0x6002, bus=0x001, dev=0x004
[01-01_00:02:25:505] Auto find qmichannel = /dev/ttyUSB1
[01-01_00:02:25:505] Auto find usbnet_adapter = usb0
[01-01_00:02:25:506] netcard driver = rndis_host, driver version = 5.10.140
[01-01_00:02:25:507] Modem works in ECM_RNDIS_NCM mode

udhcpc: started, v1.33.1
udhcpc: sending discover
udhcpc: sending select for
udhcpc: lease of obtained, lease time 86400
[01-01_00:02:30:751] deleting routers
[01-01_00:02:30:861] adding dns
[01-01_00:02:30:863] adding dns
[01-01_00:02:30:893] ERROR: IP from udhcpc ( is different to IP from ATC (!
Please check help me!

Is it big endian?
If so you can try the 1.6.4.
Quectel_QConnectManager_Linux_V1.6.4.zip (211.7 KB)

Thank you for your feedback!
With v1.6.4, when i “make” with env Ubuntu it’s OK. But I make Cross Compile for arm, i get error:

device.c: In function ‘mhidevice_detect’:
device.c:459:13: error: ‘strncat’ specified bound 256 equals destination size [-Werror=stringop-overflow=]
459 | strncat(path, “/mhi_uci_q”, sizeof(path));
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You can modify it as

strncat(path, “/mhi_uci_q”, sizeof(path-1))

Thank you very much!
The program ran fine!
Xia xia!

Dear Bean.Wang,
could you please send me too the Quectel-cm manager for Linux for RM530N.
Thank you,

OK. Please check the message.