After using Qflash successfully to upgrade BG96 modules to BG96MAR02A07M1G, I now find that attempting to reflash in Qflash gives the AT+QMBNCFG=“LIST” FAIL error

Strangely, after this subsequent attempt, I found that the same AT command stops working (only returns OK) in qnavigator as well.

2 of my 5 modules do not connect to the network, I noticed that at least one of them doesn’t have the required .mbn files loaded (until qflash prevented me from rechecking).

I want to use qflash to upload the new mbn files and update the firmware in the future.

How do I solve this error?

I am also experiencing this same issue. I have opened a different forum question to help increase traction on this topic, and since I am using a different firmware version.

it seem that the upgrading procedure of your module failed ,

pls upgrade your module again, and upgrade to the newest fw version


I think there is a typo in the link, possibly it should read: https://cnquectel-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/america-fae_quectel_com/Epp89DdhRLVPiaLR3gT4gjQBw1bnTh3sSoeY5gWrBDDEVQ?e=00R1z8

This link takes me to the Qflash tool download. Can you please also point us to the newest modem fw for BG96? Thank you.

I suspect the issue is with the mbn function.

In Quectel_QFlash_User_Guide_V4.1 section 2.4 MBN Fucntion — I’m not clear on the “NOTE”. Am I supposed to create a directory called mbn and put all the .mbn files in it? Can you please clarify this part?

Via the AT serial port, when I run AT+QMBNCFG=“List”, it is currently empty. I’m suspecting this is FAILING because it is empty.

Using Qflash5.7 in the link provided I no longer get the previous error. Everything upgrades and connects no problem.

I highly recommend that this replaces the Qflash tool given here Quectel BG96 LPWA

and a page be added to download firmware/docs for each version.

It would save a lot of hassle for developers in the future!