+QCSQ and +CSQ reports different signal strength


The following at commands are from the same device seconds apart.

+QCSQ: “eMTC”,-125,0,161,0
+CSQ: 25,99

QCSQ report -125 dBm and CSQ reports more reasonable -63 dBm (25). It worked good for a long time where QCSQ and CSQ reported the same values and suddenly QCSQ starts to behave bad. Whats going on? This started after the modem changed network and bearer technology. Also the value from QCSQ does not fluctuate it is constantly -125.

I have seen the following posts with similar but not exactly the same issue. But no answer or explanation.

Please help me understand why I see this behavior.

Hi @bjorns

Both QCSQ and CSQ are has time delay(not real time) to compared with network measurement. Its hard to say what’s going on without any modem log and AT command log. we suggest to collect modem log for us if this issue stucked your development.