BG95-M3 - Canada Provider


In the latest product specification of the BG95-M3 ( the provider for the Canada are: Rogers*/Telus*

  • means under development/on-going/planning.

Is there any update on the provider in Canada?
Do I need to do a modem firmware update to support the new provider?

I’m asking this question because I got a custom hardware with BG96 or BG95-M3 and only BG96 is able to get signal (AT+CSQ -> 23,99). On the BG95-M3 I always get 99,99. It’s the same hardware only the modem is swap.



Update from our side,

We think that the issue may be related to Post

After several testing we found this pattern. AT+CSQ return 99,99 every 10 sec for a long period (10 - 15 minutes). We restart the Modem and immediately the AT+CSQ return 30,99

This pattern is random and not happen all the time.