Problems with the fucntion Ql_IpHelper_GetIPByHostName using OpenCPU

Hi everyone,

I am using the module BC66 with the last FW version BC66NBR01A10 with OpenCPU.

And I have the following problem with the function Ql_IpHelper_GetIPByHostName because sometimes instead of returning the value SOC_SUCCESS, I have got the value SOC_NONBLOCK, and the callback related to that function (callback_GetIpByName) it never returns:

s32 Ql_IpHelper_GetIPByHostName(u8 contextId, 
                                u8 *hostName, 
                                Callback_IpHelper_GetIpByName  callback_GetIpByName);

Does anyone any suggestion for solving this issue?

Best regards.

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Did you tried sending debug logs to support?

Do you mean logs with the Genie software?