Need latest MHI / PCIe Driver RM520N-GLAP

I need the latest drivers for Windows and Linux 6.x Kernel, this module is PCIe Only so these drivers are required.

DEVICE: 1004
SUBSYS: 520117CB

Please check the pcie_mhi driver. Sent it already.

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@Bean.Wang-Q please share with me the latest Windows 10 and Linux drivers for the RM520NGLAP. Can it be used with OpenWrt? Ubuntu? If so, what versions are tested/supported?

PCIE mode or over USB.

It is more easier for Linux including OpenWrt/Uuntu than Windows.
USB is more easier than PCIe.

Yes, of course @Bean.Wang-Q


But I’ve been told that the GLAP model doesn’t support PCIE mode over USB. Is that not true?

I have both GLAA and GLAP now, and I’m successfully using the GLAA one (that does support PCIE mode over USB) with ROOter. But ROOter doesn’t support the GLAP model. I tried it in a laptop that has the PCIE interface and it didn’t work at all with ROOter for x86. And when I tried Windows, it sees the device, but has no drivers.

The only driver that I’ve found that even makes sense for me to try is “Quectel_Linux_PCIE_MHI_Driver_V1.3.1” and that’s dated 2021 (before RM520N-GL released) and I think that it requires that I compile it under OpenWrt. It shows OpenWrt on the command line in the README. So, I’m not really expecting that to work in Ubuntu (or anything other than OpenWrt). And based on the dates, and your reply, I’m thinking that you don’t really have any support at all for the GLAP model right now. Is that correct?

I will send you the pcie_mhi for RM520N with email.

GLAP is pcie only modem. It could only works in PCIe mode.

May I get the pcie_mhi for RM520N-GLAP driver?

can you share RM520N-GL module latest firmware and pcie drivers for Windows and last Qflash Tool,QFirehose Tool,Quectel-CM Tool for windows and linux

please share Quectel RG520N-EU pcie_mhi driver openwrt


It is my device’s information
Quectel RM520N-GLAP

Can you please send me the Windows PCIE drivers and PCIE driver user guides ?
Email :

Is there a linux driver that supports 6.x kernel available; could I please get the latest versions?

Can you send me the RM520N-GLAP PCIE Driver and PCIE Driver User Guide? Thank you.

There is no such guide in English.
You could follow the Quectel hardware design note.

I will send it. Please check the message

Hello @Bean.Wang-Q

I have a RM520N-GLAP, Can I have a PCIE driver on it for the openWRT (ZBT-WG1602 16M) and Windows, if possible can I have a user guide?

@flammable47 No problem. I will send it

But actully there is not too much guide except the Hardware Design.
RM520NAP only support the PCIE EP mode, and just make sure the right boot sequence.

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@Bean.Wang-Q Same here. I’m looking for the Windows PCIE driver for RM520N-GLAP. Thanks in advance!

Hello @Bean.Wang-Q,
Can you send me RM520N-GLAP PCIE driver for Openwrt and User Guide?
Thanks in advance!