Need latest MHI / PCIe Driver RM520N-GLAP

Sorry there is no such guide.
Please refer to the Quectel Hardware design.

@Bean.Wang-Q could you also send me the PCIE driver for OpenWRT? (for v. 23.05.0 if possible or latest you have).
Thank’s =)

The driver is for Linux kernel.
It has nothing to do with the OpenWrt.
Please check the message.

Can I get the Linux pcie_mhi driver for RM520N-GLAP?

Quectel has only one piece of pcie_mhi.
Please check the message.

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I would be very grateful if I could share drivers for linux and windows. RM520NGLAP PCI version.

Could you please send me the latest windows and Linux drivers for RM520N-GLAP? It would be even better to have the latest firmware as well. Thanks a lot

I could send the drivers.
For firmware, please check the current firmware version and create a new topic.

Hello. I am looking for a driver for RM520N-GLAP. Please help me!

Please check the message.

Is there a driver for windows? Thanks

Quectel_RM520N-GL-Windows_PCIE_Driver(Q) (1.0 MB)