Need EC20 firmware update

Hi team

Can you help to send me a latest firmware update for EC20 ?

And also a latest firmware for UC15E.


Dear Iasutsatu,
Please check the Following link, you need to install the USB driver in your Windows PC firstly, then unzip Qflash package, connect to USB DM port, unzip EC20 firmware package, choose any file in firmware package, then click start button, it will upgrade the firmware automatically, you just need to waiting for the upgrade successful. Thanks!
By the way, could you share your company information with me, as we know EC20_GW module is just used for state grid customer, and other customer should not use such module. Please note. And about UC15 module, please check your current firmware with ATI first. Thanks!
Windows USB driver:

Upgrade tool: QFlash



Thank you for the response, I need another document for uc15 with ati UC15EQAR03A04E1G_GW

Will you help me send the latest firmware for this one?


Dear Iasutsatu,
Please check the following link of UC15E_GW. Thanks!

The following is the USB driver, if the previous driver cannot work, you can try this one. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your kindness, Kyson

Hi Kyson, can i using this firmware to update a module with ATI EC20CEFBKGR0604M2G_GW ?

Hi Kyson, can i using this firmware to update a module with ATI EC20CEFBKGR0604M2G_GW ?

No, Please use the following link. Thanks!

Hi, could you also provide firmware for ATI EC20EQAR02A04E2G.
I will also need the linux(openwrt) driver and the linux(openwrt) Upgrade tool.
Thank you

Dear Sir,
Please send your requirement to We will send the firmware and upgrade tool to you. Thanks!

Hi Kyson

Can you help me to send the default firmware for EC20CEFBKR03A05M2G_GW ?


Dear Iasutsatu,
Please click the following link to download your needed firmware. Thanks!

Ok, Thanks Kyson… :slight_smile:

Hi Kyson
How to solve this one ?

AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode” Always return to 3

Dear Iasutsatu,
It is normal, not a issue for GW module.
If the module cannot register on network, the value will change automatically. It is the module software mechanism. Please understand.
You can use at$mynetinfo to check it, we do not recommend to use AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode” to check it for GW module. Thanks!

Ok thanks kyson

Do you have at command manual document for this module ?

Yes,please check the following document. Sorry it is Chinese version, no English document.Thanks!
Quectel_EC20_国网模块_AT命令手册_V1.3.pdf (1.1 MB)

No problem, thanks Kyson

Hi Kyson

Because my sim card doesn’t support USSD when registered on an LTE network, USSD can only be done when registered on a 3G network. It’s a normal condition, LTE change to 3G automatically.

The problem is that some of my EC20 modules can’t be registered on 3G networks, so USSD can’t be done.

The same sim card was used in this test.
How to solve this problem? I’m sure that a 3G network signal is available.

Dear lasutsatu,
From your description, your issue is that use the same SIM card with different EC20 module, some module can test USSD, but some module cannot support, right?
If that, it is better to check the difference, like whether it have fixed to LTE only ? or whether the 3G signal is good enough. Thanks!