Mc60 getting reset after 1 minute-while

I have a 3-minute while which sends AT+CREG? every 2 seconds.
after 1 minute mc60 sends some junk data of random characters and gets reset and starts over again.
is this a because of whatchdog?
how can I fix it?

I have seen other people having same problem here

Are you open sdk? Check whether the Ql_OS_GetMessage() interface is called in the main task. If not, add it. See our example for where to add a function

I fixed this, using multitasking. there are other solutions for sure. apparently having a time-consuming while loop in a callback function of a timer is not a standard thing to do!
so I used the timer to send an event to a second task. my second task is the mentioned time-consuming while loop. so that OpenCPU can handle is.