M66 firmware upgrade

I am running some tests with the M66 modem, but my firmware is out of date with the M66FAR01A11BT version. I need the most updated firmware (M66FAR02A06BT) or higher to update my M66 module. I would like a document explaining, too, how to update.

Hi Matheus_Torres
please download the latest firmware (M66FAR02A06BT) of M66FA from below link.

For Firmware upgrade you require the Qflash tool please download it from below link with enclosed user guide
Rahul Mahakalkar

Hello Rahul,

Thank you for your explanations. I was looking also for the manual of M66, but I only find one dated on 2015.
Can you share a link with the latest one (or if there is other that is newer than 2015 version 1.1)

Thank you very much

sysadmin @ YateBTS

Please find the attached AT manual for M66.Quectel_M66_Series_AT_Commands_Manual_V2.1.pdf (2.0 MB)

Hi @rahul.mahakalkar

I tried the files on a M66 but can’t program it, with the following error message

no blf file is found

The com port and M66 are talking fine, here my current firmware version


Hi charles
Thanks for your query.
please extract the zip folder and open the Qflash tool, follow below step

  1. browse the file as below
  2. select the port and the baud rate

    3)click ON start
  3. Restart the modem/module and wait till get the PASS message

Rahul Mahakalkar

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Hi @rahul.mahakalkar

Thanks for the explanation, this is better, it has started to flash but went away in the middle of the flashing process, leaving me in a bad state. Nothing is working, when I’m powering up the M66 here the message I get on terminal

F1: 5000 0000
00: 102C 0001
01: 1005 0000
U0: 0000 0001 [00

What can I do ?


Hi @rahul.mahakalkar ,
Is there a newer version of firmware for M66 module?

Can you please share the current firmware version of the module.
You can find it using ATI command.

Revision: M66FAR02A06BT

please download the latest firmware from below link

Thank you very much @rahul.mahakalkar ! Is there a place on your website that we can get firmware upgrades and change list?

Hi Rahul,

  1. I can not able to download M66_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V2.5.zip file . error say file is too large to download. above 25MB. can you upload in two parts. using google chrome browser.

  2. can we upgrade such core firmware versions via OTA method for on field devices.


Hi Umesh
please download the SDK from below link
http://www.quectel.com/ProductDownload/M66_OpenCPU_SDK.html (PW: Qt8920)

Download the latest f/w from below link

HII @rahul.mahakalkar, above you given link of of latest firmware(M66FAR02A06BT) i download and when i open from Qflash tool and select QUECTEL61M_MOD_11C_BB.cfg file but it will not open in Qflash … please let me know what i do for firmware update…

and also i connect m66 module with PC and i test on putty but whenever i enter any character its automatically respond ERROR message on ptty consol.

please help to share the error image of QFLASH and send the logs of putty.

thanks @rahul.mahakalkar for reply,
,I connect quectel M66 (M66FAR01A12BT) with GSMEVB Q1-A0543 kit,

  1. but its not working… Before that i connect M95 module with the Kit at that time i Power ON s202 switch and after that i press sometime POWERKEY so D503 led and D101 led also ON and also D502 led blink for network status,i use Vi simcard…and i test at command it will work fine.

but as a same setting i connect M66 module than i test M66 module in hyperterminal but GSMEVB module indicate operating status LED D101 are not On and i change baudrate also like 9600,115200 and other also but when i enter AT like any character on hyperterminal than its get ERROR on screen.
i connect RF cable and Antenna also,and USB to VGA cable connect with main uart port.
Like that it will print on Putty,
-------------> below print after i reastart module.
OpenCPU: Customer Application – EDIT KV
<-- RIL is ready -->
<-- GSM Network Status:2 -->
<-- GPRS Network Status:0 -->
<-- CFUN Status:1 -->
<-- SIM Card Status:1 -->
<-- GPRS Network Status:2 -->
<-- GSM Network Status:5 -->
<-- GPRS Network Status:5 -->
<-- Sys Init Status 2 -->
<-- Sys Init Status 3 -->

same setting are working with m95 module…but not work with M66 GSM(TE A) module

please let me know why its not working properly,and how can i resolve this problem.

2) in Qflash not detect any error but when i load firmware file after that not seen in name or location.

Hi ,

your M66 module is having OCPU FW hence not giving you AT response .
As Rahul mentioned , update FW inside the module to make it work.
you can shorten the path of Qflash and FW . you can put both in smaller directory and while uploading FW just use .cfg file from RF . ( Please extract in Folder first) .
Make DL switch ON , Press START and then Power RESET to make module programmed .

Thank you

hi @Ratan thanks for reply,
my current FW print on Module is (M66FAR01A12BT).and i upload FW file is in screenshot…i choose the file and (after extract) and open that .cnf file but after that i did not get or seen any file in Qflash…
not display any name or location and can not pop up start …what i do for that please let me know?

and you said that .cnf file from RF means?
first upload .cnf file and pass than i proceed on D/L pin…
also i refer Qflash user guide,
i have a Qflash_V4.15 version.

please download the latest QFLASH from below link.