M66 firmware upgrade

hii @rahul.mahakalkar,
thanks for replying,
i downloaded latest firmware and load .cnf file…now all file display and i press on start but
this error given,


i change baudrate from 460800 to 115200 … and ON D/L pin then press powerkey on my kit…now upgrade successfully… after that any process i do or not ? now i check on putty with 115200 baudrate but its not display anything on screen…

After flashing f/w you have to restart the module. Open Main COM port in putty and send AT commands it will gives you the response.
You have to send AT commands.

i try to enter AT on putty but it will not respond anything and blank display as it is,also i change baudrate like,9600,115200,19200 but not get any respond on putty.

and when i was upgrade firmware after select FW file ,module type is not displaying on latest Qflash software.

hii @rahul.mahakalkar,
Now M66 module work fine…thanks for support…

Hi People, I have a problem with fw update on the M66 modem. The tool QFLASH works totally fine when we have evaluation board with power buttons. Could you please let me know how update of fw is possible when modem is fitted on small PCBs.

Hi Ankush_Nagaraju:
You can refer to the hardware document in the attachment.Quectel_M66_Hardware_Design_V1.2.pdf (2.5 MB)
You can reserve the following pins:

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