M.2 4G module with eSIM support

We would like to ask if quectel has already any 4G m.2 modules with eSIM support, it looks like you have it announced as optional status in datasheet with no further details. We have project with customer, who’s device is too small to accommodate separated SIM, therefore we need either eSIM or SIM directly on the module similar to EG25-G. But we need M.2 module now.
Best option for us would be EM12G or EM160G-GL with eSIM support. We are opened to any possible suggestion to solve our project if not possible apply eSIM- thanks for your opinion.

Have nice day

The EM160R has an eSim chip on it…

But Quectel still hasn’t released the detailed description of the required AT-Commands to manage that eSIM:


Has this already been released?

unfortunately not replied