eSIM - AT-Command set


According to this document, the support for eSIM at the AT-Command level has been added on some modules. One of them is the EM160R.

Now I have some questions.

Q1: Are those eSIM specifique commands supported on the EM160R with firmware version EM160RGLAUR02A09M4G ?

Q2: There is a list of eSIM specific AT Commands in the document, but there is no description of the parameters. Especially for the command AT+QESIM=“add_profile”, AT+QESIM=“def_svr_addr”, AT+QESIM=“lpa_enable”… Could you please provide a more detailed description (paramters) of ALL the commands please.

In another topic there is this eSIM QR code as example. If we read this QR code, we get that string:


Which is actually composed of:
LPA:1 → the registration protocol → registration server
C0C3D-2BH7J-0VMF8-RY2VS → activation key

OK. But how will the AT commands look like ???
Will it look like this?

AT+QESIM=“add_profile”, C0C3D-2BH7J-0VMF8-RY2VS


Q3: After provisioning the eSIM, how do we switch from SIM Slot 1 or 2, to the eSIM profile???
The AT+QUIMSLOT seems only to allow to switch from slot 1 or 2, but not to the one stored in the eSIM.

Thank you

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
Answer to Question 1: support.
Answer to Question 2: Sorry, we have not issued a complete AT+QESIM document for the moment, we suggest that you can use AT+QESIM=? View the range of parameters the directive can use to select.
Answer to Question 3: To switch SIM card 1 and SIM card 2, you need to connect the Usim_det pin of EM160 module hardware to the CD pin of the corresponding card slot. Otherwise, the module does not support hot swap. After you send the AT command to switch SIM card, You need to restart the module or send AT+CFUN=0 and AT+CFUN=1 to switch SIM cards and identify SIM cards.