LG290P the new gnss module documentation

I ask if there are manuals available , I consider to order a sample…

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Looks like a custom development based on a chip from Asensing.


I’m interested in this discussion as well.

Is it triple band L1L2L5?
It looks like EVB from 3rd party are ready but is difficult to find any documentation on it.

Thanks in advance

Hi Carlitos, LG290P supports “full system + full frequency band” RTK …support simultaneous reception of L1, L2, L5, and L6 full-band signals…support RTK resolution up to 20Hz…HERE but Mozihao do not have doc yet.

LG290P uses Kisilicon KT5030 module and supports all frequency bands, including Galileo E6 and E6 HAS, like the excelent Unicore UM980 module.
LG290P can’t be controlled by the
current version of QGNSS. The firmware version follows the usual Quectel schema, but it is not known if the RTK configuration commands for LC29H can be used:


Thanks, Helg for info. I supposed a similar to swiss_M8P…also see it has “old” mediatek_like commands syntax, we asked to mozihao direcly if has info about.

Hi Helg & bamarcant
I will send you the Quectel_LG290P_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.0.0_Preliminary_20240517.pdf document via message.


Hello George Gao,

can I get this document as well? Is there any reference for HW documentation?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Carlitos
I sent it to you.

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The documentation looks very good, i have tested the $PQTM* commands
on my NR01A02S firmware version (the manual mentions newer version NR01A03S )
There are two open questions: all RTCM3 related commands (MSM, ephemeris and station_id) return an error with my firmware.
It is possible to switch into ‘base’ MSM4 mode (no ephemeris), but i can’t return back to the NMEA mode ($PQTM is ignored).

Hi Helg
Can you write me the wrong command and return?
I will verify it and confirm the problem.

Please provide me with a copy as well, I’ve got a 3rd party dev board on the way.

Are these all likely to be engineering sample modules or has Quectel started to sell production versions?

Hi WifiLuke
I will send you the information via message.
The LG290P module will be a commercial sample soon.

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The receiver is stuck now in the MSM4 RTCM mode, but i will send you my recorded $PQTM command protocol log tomorrow.
It seems that RTCM and NMEA can’t be mixed (the same as on LG69T).

It can do more, but with some limitations. Here is the RINEX header generated from MSM4 output. Galileo E6-C tracking works very well and also QZSS L5. The QZSS L2X is missing, though.

E   12 C1C L1C S1C C7Q L7Q S7Q C5Q L5Q S5Q C6C L6C S6C      SYS / # / OBS TYPES
J    8 C1C L1C S1C C2X S2X C5Q L5Q S5Q                      SYS / # / OBS TYPES