Last SDK OpenCPU version for BC66 module

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what is the last SDK OpenCPU version for the BC66 module?

I would like to make sure I am using the last one.

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my info is version 1.5 with firmware 10
old firmwares not support new API functions

Ok WizIO,

Thank you very much again.

I’ve seen in this ticket:

That there is a new SDK : BC66_OpenCPU_NB1_SDK_V1.5_S02 _Eclipse

  1. What is the difference between the SDK BC66_OpenCPU_NB1_SDK_V1.5?
  2. Is there anyway to be inform of the new FW and SDK revisions automatically? It is very tedious and annoying to realize trough a ticket that there is a new revisión. I need to keep my customer updated with the las SDK and FW, besides due to the fact we are having some issues related to Tx and Rx.

Best regards.