L96 firmware update to enable I2C port

We are using the L96 module and have discovered it is outputting data on the SDA line as soon as it powers up. I need the I2C interface to work correctly as an I2C interface. Very strange that’s the default behaviour, but I’m assuming this must mean it is running incorrect software?

The Quectel website doesn’t appear to have any firmware versions available to download anywhere I can see on the L96 product support page or an application to perform the update with. Can anyone help?

I tried emailing support at Quectel, but no response :frowning:

Hello? Support can you help with this?

Hi Ibexuk,

May I ask your currently used firmware? You can send $PQVERNO,R*3F command and show the feedback from module.

I will send you a I2C application note via message. Hope it can help you.

Best regards.

–TX0 - $PQVERNO,R3F\r\n

Your I2C documnt states: The I2C interface is only supported on firmware versions ending with “SC”.
Please send me the correct firmware

Hi Ibexuk,

I will send the firmware supports I2C via message.

Best regards.


I am having same problem with I2C not working, can you please send me firmware and how to flash L96 device and how to enable I2C ouput.

Firmware version: $PQVERNO,R,L96NR01A03SC,2020/10/20,06:44*20

I’m having the same problem. Please send the “SC” version of your firmware along with the upgrade procedure.

Your urgent attention is appreciated so that we can restart production.

Hi Ssanislo,

I will send you via message.

Best regards.

Hi Daz,

You already have the firmware supports I2C. With the I2C f/w, the interface turn on by default.

Best regards.

Hi, I have the same problem, the firmware of my L96 don’t support i2c. The version is:



Can you send me the firmware that supports I2C via message? Thanks at lot

Hi Rams,

I will send I2C supported firmware to you via message.

Best regards.

Hello, I would like to talk with the GPS module via I2C. The current firmware version is:
← $PQVERNO,R,L96NR01A03S,2018/07/30,04:17
6B .
Do you mind sending me the fw that supports I2C.
Thank you.

I am having the same problem? How was it fixed? I also couldn’t find the firmware to be updated on the module.

Hi Felipe,

I will send you a firmware for L96 I2C firmware. Please read in the message.

Best regards.